Little Bits of News

Here’s some bits and pieces of news:

  • Psychochild accepted to get interviewed, I’ll be throwing him with bunch of questions regarding game development. Guy like him sure has lots of things to share.
  • Anawiki shares some sales stats info: will be online tomorrow.
  • TenGames sent me sales stats, they’ll be published in the nearly future
  • is getting traffic from Rampantgames (Great blog btw, definitely worth checking) as he mentioned Pharaohs’ Curse sales stats. (Better check that post as well: it shows how these guys pulled a $2000 yearly sales for their game)
  • I definitely want to remind people to sign-up for newsletter (check out site header) and I’ll inform you about the juicy stuff (like sales stats) when they are available.
  • September Guess SPAM contest is about to end: only few days to go before five lucky ones wins a copy of Armadillo Run

That’s it for today.

Juuso Hietalahti