Sales Statistics: A n a w i k i Games


  • Developer: Anawiki Games (About)
  • Team size: 3 coders, 2 gfx, freelance musician and contractors
  • Games: Tom’s Hen House (THH), Maggie the Gardener 2 (MG) and Affiliate titles
  • Tom’s Hen House development time: 8-9 months (One coder for the first 5 months, two coders for the rest of time, one gfx)
  • Maggie the Gardener development time: 3-4 months (One coder, one gfx)


“Our indie adventure started when we decided to create Simon the Farmer – Bob the Builder kind of game for kids. After 3 months we realized that this project is too big for us and decided to reuse created assets in smaller games. We wanted to create a game that will take 2-3 months to develop, but it took 8-9 months for Tom’s Hen House to get it finished.”

Now we’re working on 2 games simultaneously: The Ponys and Runique. Both titles have publishers already.

These sales are for direct sales only – does not cover any portal or retail deals.


  • THH: USD 19.95
  • MG: USD 12.95 (first two months it was $9.99)

Downloads: (on-site, does not include Download.com or others)

  • THH: approximately 13.500
  • MG: approximately 14.500

Sales stats – direct sales only: 153 units

THH: Total PC: 24, Mac: 29

  • April 06: 4 units (first two fraudulent)
  • May 06: 1 units
  • June 06: 20 units
  • July 06: 13 units
  • August 06: 5 units
  • September 06: 10 units

MG: Total PC: 16, Mac: 52

  • May 06: 5 units (title launched)
  • June 06: 21 units
  • July 06: 16 units
  • August 06: 11 units
  • September 06: 17 units (1st to 24th)

Affiliate games: Total 30

Gross revenue: roughly USD 1960
Net revenue: roughly USD 1200 (net = after cc processing, coupons and split pay)
Avg daily net revenue: USD 7,08
Avg daily sales: USD 0.90
Avg daily sales: 1,61 units (last 4 weeks)
Best week: 18 sales (June 18-25)
Best day: 6 sales (Sept 19th)

Goals: min. 3 sales a day / USD 60 daily revenue


  • THH: roughly USD 1500
  • Maggie: roughly USD 200 on gfx (does not include cost of own time and rev split)


  • IGB press release for THH – April. (Results: Nothing exceptional, but worth it. Tip: you need to introduce yourself to the world somehow.)
  • IGB press release for Maggie – August, Indiepath
  • Download sites submision service
  • GamesBanner.net: 100k impressions in April (I keep banner on selected pages so I get some traffic from them still – you get 8 impressions to you for 10 imprerssion from you).
  • GameXtazy: 30k impressions May/June (Results: can’t tell, but I want to use them again)
  • Forum announcements (Mainly game development forums)
  • Some guerilla marketing (Added Maggie Garden game info for some garden related sites)

Marketing cost total: less than USD 200


“Started really bad. Conversion rate (CR) was very discouraging, sales we’re poor. Now traffic quality incresed and CR is much better, but still lower that 1%, most probably ~0.5%. Some say that selling other games is bad, I say that you need content and you are not able to create enough games even with 5 people team. After a year I believe that breaking up Simon the Farmer into two smaller titles was a failure – we did not shortened dev time that much and ended with 2 games of which one is not that well targeted (actually THH is not really kid game and it’s not really casual game). If you are small then make sure you can easyli create Mac version – without that you better have really strong game (we develop in BlitzMax).

How did we manage to go from 1 sale in April to 20 in June? I didn’t have a Mac then so I needed someone to do the port. I set up a deal with Tim Fisher. He got some revenue share, I got the Mac version. Also, while he was in the process of selling cloverleaf we agreed that he will send out newsletter about Maggie the Gardener (sent to ~2000). That got us sales for MG and THH (not only for Mac). That’s win-win solution – we both got richer. Of course not every sale was made due to newsletter promotion, but it had huge impact on sale numbers.

We announced THH in April on dev forums mainly and while it brought lot’s of downloads it didn’t get as sales. Improving the website helped also. Now ANAWIKI has page rank 5 in google and we have more visitors from search engines. Most important factor is probably release of Mac versions – in Mac world it is much easier to get attention and Maggie was a featured game on Apple.com for very long time (even now it is not burried on back pages). We did not have that much luck with THH on Apple.com.”

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Juuso Hietalahti


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