“What’s Good in This Situation?”

Few days ago I spoke with one friend of mine who was really pissed off about something. He cursed about the bad situation and telling how bad he felt.

I asked him a simple question: “Can you find something good from this situation?”

He pondered a while and said yes – he found one thing that was actually a good thing for him.

I asked if there’s something else and he immediately said another good thing and whispered “this is working”.

I continued to ask “and?”. Again he didn’t need to think much as he thought third good thing in the bad situation. He thanked and said that he already felt 10 times better than a minute ago.

Asking “what’s good in this situation” is not my idea – it’s probably mentioned in many success, philosophy or leadership books but it works. When you are facing some terrible situation, you can always ask yourself: “What’s good in this situation?”. If you think about it for a while, I guarantee that there’s always something good in those bad situations. Always.

Juuso Hietalahti