Who Are All You People? Please, Introduce Yourself

I have published over 400 articles since the launch of this blog and even though some entries have received quite many comments, most of the tens of thousands of readers haven’t ever said a word. I stumbled upon a nice idea at stuntdubl.com and thought to ask you readers to introduce yourself. I will place this blog entry in a prominent place within the coming weeks so people won’t miss it.

I give the ball to you now. Who are you and where do you live? How often you read GameProducer.net and how did you find this site? Leave a comment to this entry and let’s hear your story. It’s really great to hear about you people.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. I’m Joris Pyl, 21 years old, following a course of Digital Arts and Entertainment at the PIH college in Kortrijk (Belgium).

    I do programming and Design as a hobby for small projects.

  2. My name is Tony Oakden and I’ve recently started a casual games company called Charlie Dog Games. Our first game “Snaky Jake” is available for download from our web site or from many of the major portals ( it’s cheaper from my site though so if you are going to buy it please buy it there :). I’ve been in the games industry for nearly 20 years and still enjoy it very much although I do hanker for those simpler times when one person could make a good game pretty much on their own. I’ve worked on a few well known titles in my time including Driver, Fallout Tactics and Tribes:Vengeance. The casual games I work on use the Popcap framework.

  3. My name is Adrian Crook. I’m a videogame producer at Relic Entertainment. I’ve been a producer for over 12 years now, beginning my career at EA Canada before starting my own publicly traded company and publishing a PS2 game. I’ve been elsewhere as well, but you can get that info on my website. The last product I produced was The Outfit for the Xbox 360. In 2006, I won Producer of the Year at the Canadian New Media Awards in Toronto. I live in Vancouver, BC with my wife and son.

  4. Hello guys,
    My name is Anna and I’m a manager in Meridian93.
    Our company is already for 11 years on the market of computer games. We used to develop big games but recently started the casual ones. Doing pretty well. You can see our games on such portals as Oberon Media and Big Fish Games and others.

    We are always opened for new offers and projects. Practicing outsortsing too.
    We work on Popcap engine and also developed our own. Our game Mad Magic is developed on it.


  5. I am Raul Corona and I am a current student at Devry University in Irving, TX. I am pursuing my B.A in Project Management with a major influence on game industry, also with my business classes i am mixing in as much as the school will allow of Game & Simulation Courses to make sure I develop a good understanding of it. Not much else, I am a member of IGDA chapter ran through Devry and will be attending the upcoming IGDA conference to make my name better known in the industry and learn more about all the different aspects the industry has to offer.

    I happened to find the site, because I was previously interested in the programming aspect and through IGDA and Gamasutra i found my way here. So hopefully I will find some useful information as well as usefull contacts, so when i finish my degree i can jump right into the field.

    Thank you,

    Raul Corona

  6. I’m Eric, Creative Director and Front End Web Developer for TribeMind, a group of students at the Rochester Institute of Technology devoted to game development; of one game in particular, for now.

    Thanks for the site, this is wonderful content and it has been very informative.

  7. I am Caio Dantas(nicknamed as Raydric Spellthorn), i live in brazil.

    I am a hobbist game programmer and im deeply studing game/level design. I will become a Game Producer on the future.

  8. My name is Cameron, I am 22, a software engineer and I run my own company Sandbox Software every other day of the week. Our team (of 10+) has recently taken up the challenge of producing an independent game demo to showcase at the GO3 (GO3.com.au) convention in our home city of Perth, Western Australia. I have come from a commercial J2EE / rails web application background and I’m enjoying the change in technologies.
    From memory, I think I originally found your site through google – now I just have it saved in del.icio.us. Love the site.

  9. Hi, My name is Romulo De Lazzari, Im a brazilian game developer. My company (CubaGames) make games using flash tecnology. This blog is very good, im link gameproducer frequently. Goog job! (sorry for my english :D)

  10. Hi,

    My name is Karl, and I have been designing and creating games since 1996. I began making little HyperCard games for Mac OS 7.5, and have since moved to MetaCard, then Runtime Revolution, and now most recently the Unity 3D engine. I’ve had various levels of success, and have had a great time creating games.

    I have followed this site since its inception, and am always impressed by the quality of the writings and the thoughtful comments posted in the feedback.

  11. Hi. I’m Bill. I’ve been addicted to shmups for 20+ years now.

    I don’t remember how I first found GP, but I check in once or twice a week.

  12. Hi,

    My name is Søren and I work as a producer and game director for a company in Denmark. I’ve been working professionally in games since 1991 and before that on a hobby basis since 1984.

    I’ve done programming, graphics and music as well as game design in my career and have worked both for my own company (companies actually) as well as international game publishers and now for an independent developer.

    I came across GP.net following a link on a developer forum. I check it sporadically.

  13. Hi I’m John. I design and build games as a hobby; something I have been doing since I got my first computer (a VIC-20) back in 1982. I discovered this site from someone’s link in a forum post over at gamedev.net

  14. I’m Jochen, 28, and living in Belgium. I recently started my new life as independent game developer. To get into the groove, I started by making a small webgame, Bubblomania, written in Java and LWJGL.

    I’ve been reading this blog almost daily for quite some time now. Probably found it on the indiegamer forums.

  15. This is actually my first visit here.

    I am Medhat. 24. I’m a full-time Information Programmer in Egypt. I am also a hobbyist game programmer on weekends and in my sparetime.

    I did a couple of flash/director games for my old company but now, I’m working on my own game engine. I post about it on my blog (which is not dedicated to game development) but there’s not much to show yet.

    Oh… I found gameproducer.net through google.

  16. My name is Zoreslav, I’m an indie developer from Ukraine. Currently I’m working (programming/sound/music) on a shareware squad-based TBS title. I read your site through RSS.

  17. Hi, I’m Doolwind, I’m a senior programmer at a games company in Australia working on an Xbox Live Arcade title and I’m also working on an indie game in my spare time.

    I visit the site whenever a new article is produced and I found it while searching for good game development blogs. I write my own blog which discusses the game programming along with general discussions about software and game development.

    I’ve been in the games industry for a little over three years and I’m hoping to start my own indie company in the future.

  18. Louis-Philippe Maurice, lead developper at NDi Media where we mostly create Flash-based games, some casual, some more involved, most for kids, some for all.

    I’ve been coding professionally for 5 years and working on a personal game project for 6 months.

    I’ve been enjoying gp.net for almost a year but I can’t remember how I stumbled upon it.

  19. Hi – I’m Ben, and this is my tenth year in the mainstream industry. I started as a gameplay coder at Bullfrog Productions in the UK (‘Theme Park World’), co-founded an indy studio a few years later that died a death, then moved to Lionhead Studios where I led the creation of the missions on ‘Fable’ for Xbox – equal parts coding, scripting, design, and production. I’ve now stepped into a full Producer role at IR Gurus in Melbourne, Australia; our game, Heatseeker, is due out in March. And it’s great :)

    Can’t remember exactly where I found the link to your site, but it was in a blog sidebar somewhere a couple of months ago. I think you post some interesting stuff, and I enjoy reading it through Thunderbird’s RSS reader. Thanks for making the effort.

  20. Hi, my name is Schelsea. I am currently a Technical Analyst working in Michigan USA. I have worked on published games and 3d animations with a small company called Cadcorporation.

    I found this website, while reading an acticle on another game developer website. I am extremely pleased by the material and layout of the site and I now frequent the site daily. The articles are very helpful and best of all easy to read (can never underestimate that!). Well Done!

    I am currently looking for any opportunity to work as a programmer on a video game or graphic animation. Currently also looking to relocate to California and happy to network with anyone; either to become a resource for someone or to find a resource in someone!

  21. I’m Lee, owner and programmer for GamesFaction, a new UK Indie studio. I’ve been working professionally in games for 10 years, and as a hobbyist for many more than that. I pick up all your posts via RSS.

  22. Hi, I am Hampa. I am developing the game Toribash.

    I was initially interested in the sales stats but now I have your blog on my RSS and read pretty much all new posts.

    Keep up the good work.

  23. Hi, I’m Toni Mäkinen from Finland, 23 years old. I’ve been trying to make my indie project for some time now. I hope that I’ll manage to produce a demo during this year.

  24. Hi I’m Andrés from Argentina, I belong to an advergames/casual games company called Jengibre, we mostly do web and mobile games, and now are trying to produce an ARG (alternate reality game)

  25. Hey all,

    Im Andy, 26, from Worcester (where the sauce comes from!) in the UK.

    Ive been programming for about 5 years and mainly in blitz for the last 3.

    I spent more time writing music in tracker programs (look for me on moadarchive woot) but eventually turned to programming since I wanted to create something more interactive.

    I remembered Juuso from his Morphlings beta which I volunteered for years ago! So thats why I found myself comming here I guess :)

    Glad I joined insiders too!

  26. i am X and i have a probl… er… oh wait, this wasn’t one those places… ;)

    I am [still NoName] and I am 34 y.o. I live in Finland, and I’ve been programming since about 1983-4 or something on various different languages and platforms (asm, c/c++, delphi, vb, c# etc.).

    I’ve been following this site from the start, usually checking headline and if it’s interesting reading more…

  27. I’m Dan. 26, London. I wrote ‘Gibbage’, and am a layabout TV guy.


  28. I’m Derek, I live in Suffolk in the UK with my wife and several cats, rats and gerbils. I’m a Java software developer and ex-games programmer for the original PlayStation.

    I am currently transitioning from employment to self-employment though our application ScreenRest. Games may form part of our future product line, but that is a decision for another year.

    I visit the site frequently due to the insightful nature of the content and originally found you through Planet MicroISV. I like the way that most of your advice also applies to non-game applications. Thanks for such a great resource.

  29. Hi, my name’s Stefano, I’m 23 and I live in London (UK) where I’m working as a programmer in a VC funded financial startup. (nothing could be farther from game development)

    However during my spare time I’ve been cooperating with the OVER project (http://www.over-thegame.com).

    Working in the games industry has always been a sort of dream to me and since I can’t picture myself working on the technical side (I’m a decent programmer but not that good) I figured I could work on the managment/producer side, as I did for the OVER.
    I find your posts very interesting and I try to check this blog as often as I can.
    Keep up the good work.

  30. My name is Giuliano Bortolassi, I´m from Brazil (Bauru city, São Paulo state). I´m 23 Years old.. and I´v been a programmer… I work with Java (java EE) technology and I´m a enthusiast in Game Development….

    I has done some contribuittions to some MMORPG servers, creating scripts to help the server… i have developed a MUD (Multi User Dungeon System) but its happened a long time ago…

    Well.. I read this blog every Day, and it is in my RSS favorites… :)

    Its all…

    (Well.. sorry about my poor english)

  31. I’m Sam, from the Los Angeles Area, USA. I am currently studying game art & design and simultaneously starting my own gameco.

    I have enjoyed reading and applying the posts here at gameproducer.net for over half a year now(I was introduced through gameblogs.org)

    I am seriously considering to sign up for the insiders.

    My skill sets include 3ds max, photoshop, illustrator, premiere, hand drawing, XSI(self study), and Maya(self study) and XNA(self study).

  32. My name is Soren, 25, and I’m a game student from Denmark.

    My primary fields are project management and game design.

    Lately I have worked with 3D World Studio, Dark Basic Pro and XNA.

    I have read this blog daily since its launch.

  33. My name is vladislav, 21, Republic of Moldova. I’m a student at Technical University of Moldova. I’ve been doing game programming for 4 years. For me, making games is not only a hobby. I plan to work in the future in this industry.

    I reached this site accidentaly. I was browsing another site (maybe gamedev.net, not sure), and accidentaly clicked the link to this site. I was really impressed by the amount of useful information on site. Being a novice in the are of game producing i was really happy for finding information about indie game marketing and release. The sale statisitcs are really fine and hope to find out more in the future

    Thank you.

  34. I’m William from Soutrh Africa. I have your Blog on an RSS feed in Outlook and see each post you make – when something cathes my interest I visit the site. Highly interesting articles I may even link from my blog.

  35. Hi, I’m Guntur from Yogyakarta (Indonesia). I’m a webdeveloper and trying to start game developing as a hobby. I hope one day I can have a full time indie life as a game maker like you :). I regularly read your blog through google reader

    Info by Juuso/GP.net: Just wanted to point out that even though I update gp.net daily and work on my games daily I’m not a full time indie, I do heck of lot other other stuff like part time work, study etc.

  36. I’m Otávio from Sao Paulo (Brazil). I’m a storyteller at heart, a student by definition and an artist (cg, sculpture, concept) by trade. Games are a hobby of mine.
    I read GP blog entries on daily basis.

  37. Hi, I’m Jason. I live in North Carolina (USA) and work a full time job (nongame related). I have created a few simple games in the past (pc and cell) and while it would be nice to develope games full time I am currently a hobbiest.

    I check by the site on a daily basis (usually) to at least read the headline of the blog. If I find the headline interesting then I will read the rest of the blog.


  38. I’m Matt, from Canada. I’ve programmed a couple Flash games but of course there’s plently more to learn. I’m in highschool right now so it’s just a hobby but I’d like to be a programmer for a career.
    Happy new year!

  39. I catch your feed from planetmicroisv.com. I’m not in the gaming or graphics world – unless an Excel flow chart add-in counts as graphics ;-) – but I always enjoy your posts. I appreciate the fact that you’re open about the business side of gaming software.

    Keep up the good work.

  40. I’m Toby, from Sumo Digital – An assistant Producer.

  41. “get together and learn from each other (instead of stepping on each other” I echo that!

    I’m Jake, 31, and I live in Dorset, UK (nice countryside) with my partner Helen and two kids, and I’ve been a hobbyist game programmer for 23 years on numerous platforms. Did professional Delphi and SQL programming for 9 years, also IT consultancy, management, helpdesk blah blah. For the last 2 years I been learning the Indie ropes and have programmed several free games/demos and 4 commercial titles. Next year should see more improvement in my games and marketing and also some other interesting projects.

    I heard about this site pretty early on, probably via a post on the IndieGamer forums or via Indiepath. Visit it every day. Also visit Pavlina every day but he doesn’t post as often ;-)

    Hopefully I’ll supply some more sales stats next year.

  42. I’m Nabil, I live in Vermont for now. I recently finished a degree in Creative Media with my thesis on games as literature. Currently I’m job hunting (mostly looking to move back to the west coast).

    I don’t recall which site originally lead me to yours… another game developer blog, but I don’t remember which one. Sorry I couldn’t be more precise!

  43. I’m Ricardo and I’m a graphic designer (graduated) and aspiring game designer/producer from Venezuela. I’ve worked on some indy game competitions and some amateur projects, as well as a few unpublished personal game dev projects. I’m going to study more, get a Masters degree and then jump into the pursuit of my dream.

    I found about this site while browsing the net for some more information for aspiring game designers/producers. That was quite recently, but I’ve already bookmarked the site and I’m now a regular.

    As a graphic designer I’ve focused more on the artistic aspects of game development, I’ve also worked for about 6 months with a mobile game studio and I’ve developed some decent pixel art skills. I’m now starting to learn 3D modeling and continuing to improve my traditional art skills as well as my 2D (and pixel) art skills. I’m interested in all aspects of game production and I’m seriously thinking about learning to code to make a game all by myself, just for the hell of it (and the learning experience).

    There you go! See you all later.

  44. I’m Patrick. I’m a writer, designer, and casual producer (produce casual games seriously and serious games casually) and I also dabble in some interactive storytelling research when it seems to suit a project. I’ll be doing a poster session at GDC ’07 comparing first-gen drama engines. I keep a blog called King Lud IC where I deliver analysis of game design and game business with a dose of pop prose to keep your mind limber.

    I’m producing a casual game right now called Cuttlecandy, I worked on another game about to be released through Manifesto called Play With Fire (we could probably get you data on both, once they’ve had a release window) and am incubating an ad-supported drama game called Pack Appeal. I’m also doing consulting for an offshore company all three of their projects.

    I’m always open to do a bit of free consulting for indie devs. If I like your game and you solicit it, I’ll spend about ten hours and give you a free playability evaluation. I did this recently for the folks at Pedestrian Entertianment for their Steam Brigade title, and I believe my recommendations will greatly improve their conversion rate.

  45. I’m Shane. I’ve been working in video games for the past 10 years. Mostly split between EA (Need for Speed and 007) and Mobile (Nokia games). Most of my career has been design and production, but in 2006 I stuck my toes in the world of marketing. Amazingly, my soul is still intact.

    I blog at shaneneville.com (just click my name above) where cover what I find inspiring both in mass media and indy media production. Games, movies, animations, toys, comics etc.

    I read GP through Shrook (RSS reader on Mac) and I’ve been reading for a few months.

  46. I’m guillermo from Mexico, I’m a “jack of all trades”. I have made graphics for commercial cellphone games and developed a couple of freeware PC titles.

    My last project (still in beta stage) is a simple but effective retro shoot’em up ‘maker’. I plan to work harder on 2007, so you will hear from me again, be sure of that ;)

    I check this site everyday, it packs neat and useful info. Fav section: Sales Stats! Keep up the good work!

  47. My name is Christian, I’m 22 years old and from Germany. Aside from studying, I’m a musician and game programmer, I produce games together with my girlfriend Jenny. At the moment there’s only one freeware game available but we’re working hard on two new titles.

    The game is available from gloomy-nights.de, both websites (the game’s and our official homepage) are currently under re-design, there will also be an English version available.

    I check GameProducer.net every day, because it’s pretty interesting, but I don’t have an own blog.

  48. I’m garry. 24, Walsall, England. I’m a programmer. I made a Half-Life 2 modifcation called Garry’s Mod. The community around grew pretty quickly and the latest version went on sale on Steam at the end of November 2006.

    I also have this site on my google homepage. Started reading for the sales stats.. always thought there should be a good place for indie guys to get together and learn from each other (instead of stepping on each other).

  49. I’m Rick Stirling, I’ve been working as an artist for 6 or 7 years at various companies. I only found GP.net over the holidays when I was pruning and updating my links page. My site is tailored towards artists in the games industry.

  50. My name is Zach Sawyer and I live in Maine, USA.
    I’m a hobbyist game programmer right now, although I hope to make it a more serious persuit.
    I have this site syndicated to my google homepage, and I read new posts usually as soon as they show up. I don’t remember how I first found gameproducer.net, but it was very near when you first started.

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