The Real Reason Behind Making Indie Games

I found from indiegamer the driving force for making indie games. And the real reason behind making indie games is to get a chance to hear stories like this one: An eight year old boy bought indie game Dylo’s World and with the help of his parents he started blogging about it.

He even produced (read: designed the concept and ‘hired workforce’ to do the sewing) a green Dylo creature that you can see on the left side pic.

Here are his comments about the outcome:

“It’s not perfect, though. I forgot to draw the tail. And his shirt is blue instead of white because we didn’t have any white fabric. But I still love him. He sleeps with me at night, and sometimes when the day breaks, I take him downstairs.”

I think this is a marvelous story (and congratulations to southwindsgames too). If you GameProducer.net readers have a few minutes to spare, stop by at the fan blog and say hello to this fine young man.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. Yeah, it’s really nice. I hope every one has a story like this at least once in his life :)

    Should I add a section in my web, something like ‘How to make your own homemade TAPAZAPA’? ;)

  2. Lovely story :)

    It’s nice to know that there are people who really love and care about the little games we all make. It surely is encouraging.

  3. It’s not as special as this story, but I once got a very nice email about a tool that I programmed. It wasn’t written “normally”, it was written like a funny poem, with rhymes and in an Austrian accent. It was so funny to read, I almost cried out of laughing ;)
    I responded in a complete rhyming (and a little longer) email too, and the dude kept on and sent a rhyming reply back that was nearly twice as long as my response ;)

    It felt very rewarding and it was so cool, sad that it’s not in English so I can’t post it here. But these are the things that everyone should experience who creates something for other people :)

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