3 Questions to Improve Your Business

There are opportunities and lessons worth learning everywhere. Here are 3 very basic questions that you can ask yourself – and improve your business. You may also use the same formula for improving yourself as a person or your product. Just think about the 3 questions listed here:

  • Question #1: Ask yourself what company, service or product has made a tremendous impact on you? Can you remember some company that had a really impressive customer service? Is there some person whose advice and insight you really enjoy? Have you played some game that made you think “just one more turn”? Think of a product or service (or a company) that has really impressed you.
  • Question #2: Continue by asking yourself: What exactly made you feel like that? Why were you so impressed? What was the key reason that influenced you? List specific reasons why the experience was so wonderful and what contributed to the experience.
  • Question #3: How can you use that information to improve your own product?. By this third question I don’t mean that you’d necessarily need (or should) clone the service or product. I suggest thinking of the good elements or concepts and using them in some unique way. For example, bullet time (slowing time) in games is used successfully in some genres (such as first person shootes – FPS games) and maybe you could use that in other kind of games (like fighting games to help making defence better). Or perhaps you’ve seen some companies sending Christmas cards to their clients. Perhaps you could send Christmas cards to the players of your game? Maybe you found some really fun contest and can arrange a bit similar for your own product?

The third one might be the most difficult question to answer, but if you really start pondering that you’ll probably find the answer. Trying this is free, but the outcome can be tremendous.

Juuso Hietalahti


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