4 Simple Ways to Get Your Game Reviewed

Getting journalists to review your game is very important in getting traffic, downloads and eventually sales. Some people might wonder where to find those review sites. Here are few very simple tips on where to find those journalists who could review your game.

#1 – Send a press release

One reason for doing a press release is to get people to review your site. There are many places and companies you can use to get the word out. One popular is SoftPressRelease. I’ve personally used my own service GameRelease.net and so has several other developers and companies as well. There’s a list of contacts available which might also get you a starting point if you want manually start sending press releases to companies.

#2 – Google

Simply go to Google and type for example “Diner Dash Review” or “Tribal Trouble review” (or basically name of any successful game) and you’ll get a big list of sites where this game has been reviewed. Then you can start checking out those sites and manually emailing them. If you don’t like doing it manually, consider sending a press release. Best option might be to combine both ways.

#3 – Go to some popular game review website and check lists

You may go to some popular game review & news site and then simply start looking where games have been reviewed. Here’s for example GameSpot list of reviews for Tenchu: Return From Darkness. Manually going through them is bit time consuming, so it might be worth considering a press release since those people might have already these contacts on their lists.

#4 – Use your own website

If you have a website, make a section for press where you state that “evaluation copy for journalists is available”. If you do this before sending a press release, it might prove pretty good strategy.

Notice, press releases alone won’t help much if you don’t have a good product or some unique story to share. But when you do, and once you try one or few of the tips, you’ll get the idea on how beneficial it is to get your game reviewed.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. @Jake: email me… ;)
    @Ben: That email must have been get to spam box or something – since I don’t recall seeing it (and I’m pretty darn sure I check all the emails :). Anyway, I’ll work on that problem – it has been on my todo list for some time already.

    @Jean-Claude: Definitely. Although, press releases can get you to “normal press”. Our first game Hightailed got featured in PCZone April’s number – what a feeling seeing that review printed ;)

  2. Don’t forget “normal” press: I mean paper magazine. For getting a review with them, it is better to contact them directely. Even if most of the time, they do not review indie games, it does happen. Anyway, it did happen twice for me in the 2 biggest PC magazines in France. So, don’t be shy and contact the magazines at least in your own country.


  3. Binary Joy is already signed up to the press release list. I actually emailed you recently because I have been getting multiple copies of every press release, but I received no response :(

  4. wow, thanks, these are pretty nifty suggestions…I would never have thought of #4, I’m gonna add that to our contact game soon :-)

  5. Its also extremely worth it to go to GDC and network with a bunch of game journos, especially ones that are still trying to get traction in their careers. They’ll review your game, maybe even want to interview you, and it helps both careers in question.

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