How to Buy a Domain Name

Buying domain names (website addresses, for example “gameproducer.net”) is very simple – if you know how to do it. If you are just starting out, then here’s a very simple 2-step guide on getting the domain name you want.

First step is to come up with a good domain name
Many of the fanciest .com and .net domains are already taken, so you might want to come up with alternative ideas. For example, if “games.com” is taken – you could try to see if “indiegames.com” or “prettygoodgames.net” would be available. I’m using these two free tools to help coming up with good names:

  • MakeWords.com – plenty of ideas & suggestions. Try different categories or themes that’s displayed in the bottom of the page.
  • NameBoy.com – Easy-to-use suggestion tool for domain names (I’ve noticed the “availability” might not always display them right)

The next step is to get your domain
I’ve used NameCheap.com for half a decade, and I’m extremely happy with them. While their name might sound suspicious, they are Enom registrar (which basically means “proper registrar”) and I’ve never had a single problem with their service. Their prices are good (they have been charging close to $8.88 since I’ve been there), and I warmly recommend them. Feel free to get some reviews at Webhostingtalk.com in case you need more opinions.

The last thing you need to do is to point your domain name to a webhosting service (which you can do by yourself – or simply let your webhosting service handle it), and that’s it. Now you’ve just got your very own domain name.

Conquering the Internet is pretty simple – you just need to spend some bucks.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. I bought mine from godaddy.com and I recommend it as it’s really cheap and has a nice website too.

  2. Furthermore, there are some hosting companies that offer a free-domain registration when you sign up for hosting. I have this plan at Dreamhost :)

  3. Yet another good point: if you have come up with a good one and it appears to be available, get it IMMEDIATELY! Even if you don’t plan to use it for another year, don’t wait. The one I originally had in mind was taken a few days before I wanted to get it. Stuff like that really makes you want to smack your head into the wall!

  4. Another good point when you buy a domain name: don’t let it expire, even if you let the site shutdown. I recently had to buy back a domain that expired a few years ago because we didn’t need it at the time. The $30 or so it would have cost to keep up registration would have been far less then the $125 or so I had to pay to get it back.

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