7 Tips to Make Moving Smooth

Our office (read: home office) is moving, and there’s so many things to do – and so many things to remember. Here are my seven quick tips that have helped us to make the moving smooth:

#1 – Make sure you have enough time
This is the most important thing to remember. Finding boxes and packing everything in your house (or office) won’t happen in one day. Make sure you have plenty of time to move – don’t try to do too many things at once. It most likely will just cause a mess (like the broken glass I managed to “create” yesterday when I was in “haste”).

#2 – Make sure your Internet connection is working
This tip is probably something I don’t even need to mention: naturally every man out there will make sure that the Internet is working in the other location. Anyway, make sure you call in advance to check out when the Internet connection is ready. We are currently packing everything, but I’ve made sure that the network connection will be working couple of days before we even move to the new place. This ensures that you can be online and deal with business issues smoothly.

#3 – Spend some bucks on quality
We won’t need to hire helping hands in the move, but we have rented a proper trailer to make sure sofas and rest of the furniture are easy to get to the new location. Spending few extra bucks for proper transport helps.

#4 – Make sure you have proper supplies
Packing tools from scissors, to tapes to garbage bags to newspapers to packing tape are must to have. Make absolutely sure that you have plenty of these so that you can pack everything in a proper manner.

#5 – Don’t be afraid to get rid of trash
The last time we moved we had lots of stuff that went right into the trash can. I think it’s very important to make “tough” decisions and simply get rid of stuff. There’s still some stuff that weren’t unpacked after the previous move in our apartment, and some of these might easily go into the trash bin. Do you really need all that junk you’ve collected in the past years?

#6 – Make paperwork as soon as possible
I don’t enjoy doing paperwork, so for me it’s a great motivating factor to get those ugly things done right away. You are going to have to do the paperwork anyway – so why not do them all right in the beginning? That way you can then concentrate on the actual move.

#7 – Don’t get too much work when you move
I have had some work while we are packing and preparing to move… and I’m afraid that I’ve got perhaps bit too tasks on my calendar. I really recommend clearing your week (as much as possible) if you need to participate in the move. It will make things much smoother when you’ve ensured you haven’t got too many responsibilities.

And final bonus tip: enjoy moving. Moving can be a new good thing – so enjoy it. That will make any kind of moving smooth.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. I just moved two weeks ago. Since we were moving to a much nicer place my girlfriend and I decided “f*ck it” and we threw out all our old furniture and are starting from scratch with just the computers and a few basics (TV and Playstation, of course). Wow, did that make moving a lot easier!

    All I would add to your list is “Unpack Immediately and Completely”. It’s too easy to end up living out of boxes and all it does is postpone making your new place feel like “home”.

  2. I have one extra tip. Keep a spare key with you all the time. I just moved last month and I managed to lock myself out of my apartment, when I was carrying stuff to my car. And the security company wouldn’t open my door because they had erased my contact information from their database already.

  3. Thanks Juuso, it’s always nice to know people like your stuff. You’re very kind.

  4. This probably sounds pretty obvious, but in addition to #5, it’d be better if you plan in advance what you want to get rid of and try to sell that stuff (in eBay, for example). You could get extra bucks for #3 or even for buying new/better furniture.

  5. I totally missed #2… now I have to be offline for 3 weeks starting friday. ;)

  6. Shouldn’t #3 be called “spend _a_ few bucks…”? At the moment, it rather sounds the opposite of what you’re meaning ;)

    And I totally agree on you with #5. I moved with my girlfriend into our first apartment, and we have so much stuff lying around that’s totally useless. But we just thought we’d need everything… next time we’ll get rid of as much as possible ;)
    I don’t think the problem is as big when it’s about office space (well, of course that also depends), but it’s definitely worth thinking about if you really need all the stuff or if you can sell, give away or just throw away some of it.

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