7 Ways to Inspire Team Members

Motivating yourself is important, but equally important is to inspire and motivate your team members. Here are 7 ideas that you might want to try.

#1 – Show progress
Quite obvious one, but can be easily forgotten. Make sure you show progress and tell openly where your project is going. Even if programmers don’t know how to rig or animate, it will inspire them to see artists doing their magic. Keeping project visible and showing progress helps everybody.

#2 – Bring good news
This is a great motivator for everybody in the team. The fact that today I found an animator (finally) and announced it to other guys in the team will certainly be inspiring for them. Bring good news – it’s good for morale.

#3 – Show success stories
Successful people are hungry for success stories. Tell about other teams who have done a good job making and selling games and it will motivate your team members to do a good job. Tip: check out game sales statistics for detailed information about how much different games have sold and share them with your team.

#4 – Cash rewards
Pretty simple, yet efficient way to motivate. If you have a tight budget, you can still sometimes give additional bonuses and rewards for the whole team when a milestone is reached or a job well done.

#5 – Give credit
Give credit for those who deserve it: everybody likes to be famous and see their names in public. Make sure to let your team members share the fame. (I have promised to share more about our team members and will do that “soon”).

#6 – Use their design ideas
One of the most motivating things is to see your own work in the actual game. Not only code or art assets, but to see design ideas. (Be careful with this though: somebody might suggest pigs to be included in the game – see #10 point on that blog post).

#7 – Share your inspiration
If you are inspired to work, make sure it shows. Talk in inspiring and motivating way and it will be catched by others.

Your inspiration can spread like a virus.

Juuso Hietalahti