The Worst Business Mistake I’ve Seen

About one year after starting this blog so I had about 15,000 monthly unique visits on this blog. Last month (about 6 months later) the site got over 36,000 unique visits. As you can see, the site visitor stats are going up. It has taken time to reach this point, but the growth is getting speed. It takes time to accelerate, but it’s going nicely.

Some people do a horrible mistake when they see no growth: they give up and don’t realize that the growth might be happening tomorrow. Some people keep going for one year (or two years) and not seeing the results they like, so they give up and quit. Little they realize that if they had kept going for one more month (or one more year), their business could have grown exponentially.

Dramatic growth requires patience and a mindset to keep going towards your goal no matter what. Don’t make the worst business mistake when something is not working. It requires the success attitude that makes you ask: How can I make this work?

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. Problem with blogging is that if you are self-employed it does cost more than a dime because your “spare” time can actually be used to work on stuff that makes real money UNLESS your goal is to make money blogging of course.

    But yeah I totally agree with the post, too many people give in too soon, you see it all the time in martial arts, and on the game programming forums. However, as Otávio as says, it’s worth knowing when to cut your losses, espically if you are gambling in a casino :-)

  2. Keep on as long as you’ve set your dreams and burn for the cause. As I allways say

    Blogging doesn’t cost a dime more than your spare time

  3. Hmm, very true.

    Except when it just isn’t going to work… you gotta know when to stop. Or when to change and adapt.
    Like a friend of mine says
    “To err is human, to insist on it is stupid”.

  4. Couldn’t have a better timing for me to read this…

    I guess this couldn’t be more true but having at least 1,2 persons to support you do help.

  5. A great quote I like to keep in mind is one by Edison. Although he performed some “questionable” actions, he still has some good quotes. ;-)

    “Many of life’s failures are experienced by people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.” -Thomas Edison

    Very true.

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