Carnival of Game Production – Fifth Edition

It’s time for the fifth game production carnival edition. This time there are interviews, several game production articles and couple of articles for frugal producers.



Ben submitted Ricochet infinity preview – see interview with James C. Smith about the new Ricochet game. Very good stuff also about how their team approaches product development.

Somebody sent me a link to game designer interview: Life As A Game Designer is a video interview with Harry Ravenswood, who’s Lead Designer at Kuju. You will hear all about what he does for a living, how people can get into it, and more. Check it out.

Game Production

Den wrote an article that explains Why indie game engines suck. It goes bit on the rant side – but some worthy comments for anyone dealing with game engines.

Adrian Crook – producer at Relic Entertainment – provided a fresh look on MMO genre. Check out his article: Top 10 Ways to Remove Barriers to Entry in MMOs and Virtual Worlds. Many of the ideas are applicable for other types of business as well.

Bill – one of our readers – mentioned an articlewritten by Tim Devaney. Article was titled The Five Best Business Video Games of All Time, evaluate yourself.

Sarper has written a resource that every producer needs to take a look at: Do You Have What it Takes to Produce a Game?

Frugal Producer

The Free Geek sent an article which was targeted for gamers. There are some tips that game producers can also use in being frugal when shopping the computer hardware parts. How to Build a Great Gaming Rig on the Cheap

Last but not least there’s an article written by Christina Laun: The Poor Entrepreneur’s Toolset: 100 Freebies for Bootstrappers – it’s a big list of items for frugal producers.

More coming

That’s it for this edition. Thanks everybody for your submissions. The next carnival will be online when there’s total of about new 10 articles. If you’ve written something you’d like to get published, submit your articles here.

Remember to check out also earlier Carnivals – plenty of good stuff there.

Juuso Hietalahti


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