If You Could Be a Game Character, Who Would You Like to Be?

Before the weekend begins, I have a question for you: If you could be a game character – who would you like to be?


What are the reasons you chose your character? Is he heroic (is that something you want to be)? Beautiful? Has super-human powers? Is a nice dude? Perhaps he is a commander? Survivor?

Or perhaps he is something completely different.

I thought about this and one character immediately came to my mind.

If I were a game character…
I would definitely be the guy who:

  • Knows how to fight*
  • Never dies
  • Survives no matter what the situation is

But those were not all the reasons.
There’s more into this fine character I chose:

  • He has the best-ever strategy when dealing tough guys (that would be: escape!)
  • He has the deepest pockets in the history of video games (and those can come handy – I like to have lots of pockets in my jacket)
  • He gets along nicely with other people
  • (that’s pretty useful as well)

  • He likes to feed dogs (dogs are nice)
  • He has the ability to hold breath for 10 minutes (that could be cool)

My character is of course… revealed here.

*Knows how to fight… with words

Now, who game character you would like to be?
Tell your answer at the forums.

Juuso Hietalahti

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