Azada: Ancient Magic Gives More Than What Was Expected

One of the most anticipated casual games Azada: Ancient Magic has been published and is finally available. The first impression of the game is amazing: the game art is stunning and the whole game so well polished.

Azada: Ancient Magic contains massive amount of different puzzles and problems to solve, and minigames to play (see also the video below to see the game in action).

What is interesting to notice (in terms of gameplay) that Azada: Ancient Magic brings more adventure elements in the game. In order to solve some puzzles, you need to use items. Those who have wondered if “adventure games” will ever make a comeback need to look no further… even though adventure games were ‘considered dead’, the adventure elements (like spotting stuff and using items) are still alive in many games.

Bottom line is that Azada: Ancient Magic is a well-done sequel that’s well worth checking out.

P.S. Those who want to get Azada: Ancient Magic as low as $6.99 – check out the Game Club

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. Jake: recycling good ideas? ;)

    Eli: true, the genre never died… but they don’t make (well, at least not sell much) any more ‘real’ adventure games. And by ‘real’ adventure games I mean games like Monkey Island 1&2 ;)

  2. Some of the adventure games on BFG (the big ones) are actually OLD CD-ROM titles that have been converted into downloadable games.

  3. It’s interesting to see how much the quality has gone up; and not only that, but it looks more diverse as well. I will of course have to reserve my judgment for a Mac port, but it does look impressive.
    As a side note:
    I don’t think ‘adventure games’ have ever died; only that developers have not so easily adapted to the shift in the market. This genre generally speaking is more suited to the casual audience (when done correctly, that is), and it’s nice to see more and more games of this type make enough money to warrant sequels.

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