The Wickest Marketing Plot I’ve Ever Done

I was playing a match of Half-Life 2 Zombie Master mod, and noticed that some people were spraying walls and stuff. I thought that I want to do that too.

And then it strike to me… that I might as well do my own spray. I took my Dead Wake banner, imported in the game (Valve has done great job doing this, it was matter of couple of clicks) and then I continued playing and sprayed the banner.

It was fun to watch seeing one or more players stopping near the banner and looking downwards. (But maybe not so fun to see them starting to shooting the banner…)

Here’s couple of screenshots: my Dead Wake banner in Half-life 2. Now I just need to convince every Dead Wake fan to do this when they are playing…


Juuso Hietalahti


  1. Wow, great idea…. hmm….I might be getting HL2 now… (Its not that I don’t want it, I just don’t have it.)


  2. Great idea.. more interesting would be to know how effective this is, considering how scarce attention is when people are playing games. Have you figured out how to make this measurable? A special domain name comes to mind, but not sure if that’s worth it. :)

  3. Yeah thats funny though :). I play TF2 sometimes and see some ads flying around as well from clans or other TF2 related things. I guess it can be pretty neat ;)

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