Thoughts After 3 Years And Thousand Blog Posts

Exactly three years (and 1000 blog posts) ago I wrote my first blog post ever. I had this idea about writing short, practical tips for game developers. Here’s what I wrote:

This is a blog about independent game development. This blog is for those who are just starting their indie career (and maybe sometimes for those industry veterans to remind them…). You’ll find information about how to start making games, how to market them, how to get more (or any) sales, how to design your game. And besides technological issues there’s also topics about personal growth which – as I see it – is very important for young and old entrepreneurs.

This is a blog about game development – from a game developer.

1000 posts later I feel like I’m obligated to say something smart here, but instead of trying too hard I’ll say how I feel. For starters, I think that statement made 3 years ago is still valid. Even though I’ve gone through a long way (at least I feel that I know bit more stuff I knew at that time) from where I was 3 years ago I still think those topics are important and in the heart of this blog. Sure, I’ve also made other plans and additions (ranging from sales stats, to setting up forums, to AAA producer round tables to interviews and more), but overall the blog theme still is going around the game development – and also about some personal traits and habits that producers can benefit from.

I’ll do my best to keep the ad stuff minimum, and do my best to publish more quality articles, and I’ll put as much effort as possible to get more sales statistics and write more about my experiences in game production also for the next 3 years.

Thanks everybody who has been reading this blog, and thanks everybody for your support and comments. All the good, bad and ugly feedback is always welcome. All this helps me keep motivated to write more, and write more about the right things. It’s so rewarding to get feedback saying how some of you have benefited from reading this blog, and it’s so good to get also bit “nastier” feedback since then I’ve know I’ve hit someones nerve ;)

Looking forward to seeing you here also in the future (which reminds me: subscribe to my newsletter so that you’ll remember to come back here…)

Amazing how the time runs so fast when you are having fun.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. Congrats! I started reading your blogs some weeks ago and would love to see updated sales statistics :)

  2. fround your blog a month ago and I read every article every time I open up my feedreader

  3. I’ve been reading this blog since the start (or a few blog posts in at least) and I’ll keep reading :-)

  4. Congratulations to your third Birthday ;-)
    i’m reading the blog regulary and i really like it
    keep up the good work!

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