7 Days Has Passed, What Happened?

It’s 7th of January, 2009. Seven days has passed, and I’d have a question: have you started taking action to reach your goals for this year?

Seriously, I have been thinking and planning, planning and thinking my goals for this year, but haven’t really done much yet. (Okay, I have been sick, but that’s still an excuse). It’s “only 7 days”, but that’s already about 2% of the time we have for year 2009.

I don’t mean you’d need to rush or anything… but I think we gotta wake up if we really want to finish the stuff we plan for the year 2009.

If you already have goals, start working on them. If you don’t have goals, set them.

Have you already started taking steps towards your goals?

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. Well I worked every day the last 7 days to midnight or later (4am last night and 2am the night before) to release a Beta of my latest game, so yeah I’m achieving my goals, just the hard way ;-) If you want to achieve your goals, you gotta put in some actual work – “take some action” as I like to say.

  2. Actually indy game developers is the 3rd encapsulated instance. Everyone needs a real job. In addition to that you can have a entrepreneur class job, and inside that, one of your key areas can be indy game development. Usually it makes sense to have at least 128 business areas covered in your entrepreneur job, since adding them afterwards can be costly.

  3. I’ve been working 5 days during these 7 days… So, I’m pretty happy of my progress.


  4. Oh, ok.
    Though, if you are an independant game developer, and you don’t have a “real job”. You don’t have to take a break when everyone else does, and you can work how much and when you like to.
    For instance, I also work allot at weekends, so apart from that I work part time at a “real job”, there isn’t much difference between weekends and the rest of the week for me. And I can take a break any day I want, except for days I am working at the “real job”

  5. Corrected Stephen Downes on the value of educational games, have done design work for entering the Experimental Gameplay Workshop, created a website, blog and LinkedIn group about the game industry in Oregon and a few other odds and ends, so I’d say I’m making progress.

    Sargon, I’d say the value is that most people have some form of winter break/vacation that ends around New Years Day. Since it is one of the biggest yearly breaks, it’s like summer break for a school year. That means it is likely for most people that they will have to get back into the normal patterns again. With the normal review and improve process that goes with New Years, it makes sense to do the same with work habits. Thus, Juuso’s question stands as reasonable, at least to me.

  6. Seriously, new year is just an arbitrary date in terms of working as indie.
    There shouldn’t be any big difference between this week and the last week.
    You don’t have to work to achieve your goals every day of the year, so what difference is today than two weeks ago?

  7. I haven’t really started on my goal for this year, which is to complete a game and get it up on Xbox Live Community Games. I’m still finishing last year’s goal of completing my 2nd XNA book. :(

  8. I started making a new released game this year. By the end of last year I learned that there are basically only 2 types of games you can do as indy developer: those which have as only goal to get released, and those which you just discuss, design and plan, and usually never get released.

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