It’s My Birthday Today (And The Dishwasher Lesson)

It’s 28th day and I’m 28 years old now. I thought to look back and see some lessons I’ve learned during this time. I know I’ve wrote a bit about game production in this blog during the last few years, so I’ll give some bit different thoughts & comments… mainly on something else than game development.

It’s good to be born on a day when it’s a national ‘put the flags on those poles’ day. That way everytime it’s my birthday, they put flags on poles. Makes a good story, plus helps you remember when your birthday is.

Cry baby.

Getting your eye burnt from a broken lamp (or something) isn’t exactly a good idea.

Good lesson though.

(No, I don’t look like a zombie today (I think), and didn’t lose my eye or anything like. It was one of those child things that happens to boys when they run too fast or something, and then the wound heals at some point. I personally don’t remember the incident but I’ve seen pics where my eye/head was partially… well close to black.)

It’s good to dream. I had this vision that “some day I’m able to write & speak English” (after listening to one young 6-year old Finnish boy speaking “American language”). I wanted to do that too.

Those older big bullies are only as tough as you think they are.

Coding is sooo cool. Commodore 64 had awesome graphics. Amazing toy.

Pen & paper role playing games don’t equal to satan worshipping.

Being a skinny tall guy rocks. Why give a rat’s ass about what others think about your appearance?

There’s only two types of logic: “wrong” and “women’s”.

I had to do the dishes on one school class and I asked the (woman) teacher how hot the “soap water” in the left side sink needs to be? She said “as hot as possible”.

I did as was told, and after that I poured “clean water” in the right side sink (to wash that “soap water” away from the dishes) and asked “and how hot this needs to be?”

She replied: “even hotter”.

To this I replied: “but umm… if the water on the left is ‘as hot as possible’ how come the water on the right can be ‘hotter'”?

I never got a reply (and that question still puzzles me nowadays), but apparently that’s not the point. The Dishwashers Rule Is: do you want to be right, or do you want to get home the time when others are leaving since you smart ass will be staying late.

Bridge (the card game) is not only for old ladies. It’s a bloody nice game, and beating those old ‘masters’ in a local tournament is awesome.

“The Day of Peace” is a good day to get away from the army (we have mandatory at least 6 months military training here in Finland. It means mainly eating loads, doing what other people told you and then eat more). Makes a good story you can tell some day.

Like today.

It’s all relative. Some people say that city (area) of 140 000 citizens (counting all the near towns too) is small… but moving from a town of 1 400 citizens to a city of 140 000 citizens makes a difference.

It’s good to have somebody to help you out in the new place where you are moving to.

Getting married & being in marriage works fine if you just remember The Modified Dishwasher Rule: do you want to be right, or do you want to be happy? (same rule can be applied to workplaces & friends as well)

Founding a company has a big meaning mentally. Even if it means just filing some papers, it also means a change in how your mind works.

2006 and later…
See here.

As smart as I think I am, I’m still a human and I can be brainwashed to do stuff based on emotions. Yep, that’s true. I’m not invincible even though I think I am. Even though I “think the opposite” and “am independent” and “wise” and “smart” and “logical” and “sensible” and who knows whatever megalomaniac thoughts I have, I still do stupid stuff like: buy stuff that I have absolutely no use. I’m brainwashed and people are messing with my mind and making me do stuff they want… From this, I realize that to get people to do stuff you want, you gotta affect them on an emotional level.

Any game producer can try logically convince his teammates to do stuff – but if they aren’t emotionally convinced, it just won’t work. (And I’m not suggesting that you try manipulating anybody, that’s not a good long-term solution nor short-term solution and probably just backfires big time). I’m just trying to make a point here that whatever logic says, the real big decisions are made on an emotional level – and that game producers should be aware of this side and they should not focus too much on the logical level.

And no, I’m not going to use give you any logical reason why this is so, and I’m not going to try give you any logical arguments why this is so.

If you disagree me, that’s totally cool. I have no plans to argue about this: I’ve gone through the Dishwasher Rule. That’s enough experience for me.

Amazing how the time flies when you are having fun.

Cheers everybody!

P.S. If you really want to get me a birthday present that’s totally cool. There’s plenty of room here in our flat for all kinds of stuff. Amazon wishlist stuff has books I could use and of course I’m open to offers via email in case you want to give me something. Not that I would beg or anything.

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  1. Table top RPG was probably one of the best medium we have had at really developing the creative mind. Computer games still do that, but nowadays they emerge you in realistic graphic and physics. Back then, each one of us at the table had a different picture in our mind about the story that was unfolding. It didn’t matter that our imagination weren’t bringing us to the exact same place, and it force us to work on getting communication if there was any ambiguity.

    I hope that my son will eventually pick up such a game instead of a remote all the time. Who knows, maybe I’ll be the GM :)

  2. Thanks people!

    Michel: cool.

    Shadhex: heh, dads are like that. My dad once asked if there were something about satanism in those role playing books… and we said ‘no. At some point I even wrote a piece of text explaining what role playing means – it was published in the newspaper where he worked. (can’t remember what I said but I think I compared RPGs first with Chess the game where ‘you eat soldiers’… and I think eventually it shed some light in the issue. It’s just a game…)

  3. Happy Birthday!
    On your wishlist : Theory of Fun for Game Design , just bought it yesterday, only reach the 2nd chapter, but really seems as good as everybody said.

  4. >1992
    >Pen & paper role playing games don’t equal to satan worshipping.
    This is the same year we had to stop playing Rift at one of our friends because his father read somewhere that it was evil. To this day I still think that http://www.palladiumbooks.com/ created one of the best universe to get lost into. Unfortunately, beside a card game and a NGage game (Rift-Rise to power), no one has yet to transform this pen&paper in a great computer or console game.

    Happy birthday!

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