Why The Heck They Use Packages That Could Survive Nuclear Attack?

I bought a brand new Logitech web cam which came in nice box that was easy to open. I also bought a brand new Logitech microphone that didn’t came in such a nice box. In fact, the mic was put in such box that probably even bullets could not pierce it or something.

Why do I need army of undead swordsmen (not to mention a medikit) or something to get the stuff out from the box?

Oh well, gotta be careful when opening packages like this one.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. Hahahaha – too right. I really agree with you on this one.

    And it’s not just gaming products either – have you ever bought Oral B electric toothbrush heads?

    WTH were they thinking? I just want to brush my damn teeth you know – plus the pack is about 2 feet bigger than the actual product.

    Whine whine ;)

  2. I always hurt myself with these kind of boxes x_x

  3. Funny… I bought same Logitech USB Desktop mic few days ago. Like you, I was fighting with the box while getting it out. Total waste of material and my time. On the other hand, I am pretty sure it wasn’t damaged during transport. Fortunately, I didn’t hurt myself :-)

  4. I don’t know how many times I’ve had to “go to the knife” or “go to the whatever sharp/piercing object is near me” to open freak’en packages lately. I’m with ya.

  5. they do it so people dont steal stuff.. but i know what you mean i cut a few fingers here and there trying to open things like that

  6. I was opening a Wiimote charger that had one of thoose cases, and it put a huge cut in my thumb; took off a large chunk of flesh. Not fun.
    I had thoose cases.


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