So, GDC Is Over… (What Happened There?)

The Game Developers Conference is over (I didn’t attend by the way) and their website contains good amount of stuff about what happened (stuff like IGF finalists). Gamasutra also offers good amount of GDC stories (really enjoyed Petri’s talk about Crayon Physics). If you guys have some good links/photos or something to share from GDC, feel free to throw them here.

…and if you attended, share your experience. How was the event this year?

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. Most of the talks are great.

    One of a reporter from China claimed that we empty the box of new thing, so we make something old into real thing… (Guess she was mentioning OnLive)

  2. Gamedev.net has a whole section covering articles and blogs about the conference as well as some pictures: http://www.gamedev.net/columns/events/gdc2009/

    Bungie (the maker’s of the Halo series) have posted up slides and movies that were used by their two presenters. If your a producer you might want to take a look at
    Allen Murray – ‘Building Your Airplane While Flying: Production at Bungie.’: http://downloads.bungie.net/presentations/gdc_bungieproduction_march2009.pptx

    If your an artist you may want to check out David Hunt – ‘Modular Procedural Rigging.’ : http://downloads.bungie.net/presentations/ModularProceduralRigging.zip

    So far that’s all I’ve been able to find but there is definitely some good presentations there.

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