Are You a Part-Time Producer At the Moment?

At the moment I do part-time non-gaming work (kind of in a “programmer/producer” type of position) and part time gaming “work” via my own company. The exact amount of time spent working (job stuff) and “working” (game stuff) varies: sometimes I’ve done only gaming stuff, sometimes mostly work stuff.

I found a nice poll plugin (WP-polls) and thought to ask the same question from you guys. Since words are really important, and the way you label things, I’m presenting this question by using words “at the moment”. Right now. It’s very different to to say “I’m a part time game developer” (that labels you and might become your future if you are not careful) compared to say “I’m a part time game developer right now“.

But enough of words and their meanings. What’s your current status?

[poll id=”2”]

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. Wish i was doing that for living, but my VISA in Canada does not allow me to do so at the moment. So as for now it remains a hobby to fill the long cold winter nights :p
    But i put aside some money to start as soon as possible to do that full time (in about 6month when i’ll get my permanent VISA), even is that means i’m gonna go down in terms of incomes.

  2. This poll really confused me.
    Because I can be both not there at the moment, and getting there.
    But I chose getting there, because I hope my game will be successful enough for me to become full time.

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