I Don’t Hate Taxes

Taxes are okay – they keep things rolling. Nothing wrong with taxes. I just hate filling any papers related to taxes. Anyone else agree with this?

I guess that’s why god invented accountants, but still…

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. Actually, that’s largely the party system and the electoral college, neither of which we the public can be held responsible for. Hooray for dodging responsibility! Three cheers!

    I only dislike taxes because I’m middle class enough to get absolutely no breaks on them and no worthwhile services from them.

  2. Then, hate the people who chose those governments… (whoops, that’s us;)

  3. I hate taxes, well, all the unnecessary ones. I mean we’re paying up to 40% of income to the government who is wasting most of it on wars and imprisoning drug users!

    So I think you SHOULD hate taxes.

  4. I do taxes in Texas. Actually, my accountant does my taxes, but he’s also in Texas. Where we also have bugs called ticks and office supplies called tacks. I once saw a tick tackle taxes in Texas.

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