How Not to Sell…

I picked up a couple of video cam leaflets from a local store: Sony’s and Canon’s. Sony’s video camera leaflet was praising everything. Full HD. Their cameras. Memsticks. Features. Whatnot. Where ever I looked in the leaflet I felt like they tried to say to me that everything was awesome (at least according to Sony) and that I should buy their stuff. I felt like they want me to buy something fast. Something Sony. The leaflet left me a pretty disappointed feeling after all, since it too techy approach and too pushy way to represent stuff. It looked like they didn’t want to help me find a solution – just trying to sell.

When I checked Canon’s leaflet, I actually read the whole thing. It was educational: it wasn’t (only) praising their stuff, but was simply saying how different things work – and they were using a language that a average guy from street can understand. They mentioned how different things are suitable for different people and helped me to choose. I was immediately sold to their non-selling approach and got more ideas about what kind of camera could be for me.

Can you guess which leaflet is now in the trash can?

Juuso Hietalahti

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