I’m a Book Hogger

I like to read books, and I read some book almost daily. I like to read some sort of business or game production related books, and I started pondering that many books carry the same messages. Recently I read three business books and each of them mentioned “focus” somewhere in the book (focus as a good thing). One book mentioned how important it is to have a professional business plan (which from my experience isn’t that important – a brief biz plan will do fine for starters…)


If the books are telling the same old things in different form, why read them at all? Why not just pick one good book and be done with it.

In terms of time spent versus information got, that actually could be a pretty good strategy to just pick couple of solid books and be done with it. For me, there’s two reasons why I keep reading new books. First is that I like reading books. I’ve never been into theory and didn’t really enjoy reading text books at school… but I like reading books by people who have succeeded, get tips from them and apply these lessons in my own stuff. (Practical example: I prefer Jay Abraham’s practical marketing books over theoretical Philip Kotler – although both are worth checking out).

The second reason for reading more and more books is that they can be a good reference on really finding out what has worked in the past (and possibly will work fine in the future as well). If one book mentions “focus” as one path to success, and others are saying the same thing… then this stuff might be worth applying. (Of course there’s chance that all these books are wrong, but I think this can be a good filter mechanism anyway)

Thus, I keep reading books. What about you?

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. As with everything, balance is key I guess ;). Reading / acting.

    But I do love reading, however I hate the lack of free time. So lately I haven’t really read much unfortunately :( there are still a few books on the shelf that require some reading.

  2. I’ll second what Oliver says, that rereading stuff later can offer insight that you didn’t catch before.

    Often, when you reread books, you already know the main points, so you start searching for subpoints that aren’t as obvious.

  3. I don’t like books because I can’t search for text in them, copy/paste quotes, or paste a link some section for others to comment. Books also lack of multimedia abilities, so it’s just a text based immersion. And I can’t even pack them with rar, and categorize them in my asset library.
    And books also destroy your eyes. On LCD screens you can at adjust the font size, brightness/contrast, and colors.

  4. I found that as you grow as a person, reading the same stuff can give you new Aha-moments. If you revisit some material after a while there are new dots to connect inside your brain.

    Also, reading gets my gears moving.. :-) If I wanna do some creative work I always start by reading books or swipe files and after a while ideas start to bubble up and I can switch from consuming to creating.

  5. I have wondered if people that read tons of self-help books/blogs or books about programming/marketing etc should just take some action instead of doing all that reading. Especially seeing as many books do say the same thing, sometimes in different ways. Think of all the “wasted” hours…

    However, certainly reading up about your business or interests a bit is wise, and maybe some people need to hear the same thing in several different ways before they are finally motivated to do something. I’ve read a reasonable number of books about personal development and business, but I do it for fun. I check reviews and get good books and read them at times when I couldn’t work anyway (like in the bath!), so I don’t think they are preventing me from achieving my goals.

    I would say that it’s worth checking your reading habits including reading Internet sites and listening to podcasts etc and see if you are doing that instead of working (procrastinating), or if you are putting off doing something critical in your life or business until you’ve read the right book (which you never seem to find)…

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