Motivation – Strange Beast It Is

Motivation is a strange beast. On Tuesday I had for some unknown reason very little motivation to program Dead Wake zombie game. On that day – for some reason – I had to force myself to do stuff (eventually things went pretty well though). I don’t know why that was, but those type of days just sometimes occur (luckily just rarely). On Wednesday I had a great day – I felt totally motivated and got tons of things done. In fact, I think I got strangely much done. I suppose these kinds of days also occur every now and then…

Motivation. It’s a strange beast indeed.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. For me I mostly get the opposite, whereby i am un-motivated for quite a while, but then one day I get a dose of motivation… unfortunately it doesn’t last long :) Maybe its just the things i’m working on…

  2. I got crazy motivated the other day and decided to redo the design and coding for my personal website. Normally I’ll get distracted by something and lose my pacing, sooo hurray?

  3. It’s all about success. Success splits into immediate success, and long term success. It also prioritizes between important things, fast things, etc… see my my CCC approach: http://siipi.com/public/mika.nsf/blogs/CEA956E90EBBDBF8C225705D00790D7E

    On top of all sense comes the human motivation factor. Although it is strongly influences by the previously mentioned things, there is also a part which makes the last decision. You might feel tired, or feel like doing something completely new, educate youself. The good thing is that those arbitrary biodynamical hazards have a short lifetime, and keeping the CCC in mind, you progress further every day.

  4. Agreed.
    Same for me, sometime i just feel like not doing any line of code or game design, i open my stuff (either Flash Developp or Visio/MindMap software), stare at it for a couple of minutes, and end up on Battlefield Heroes, or reading blog bost about motivation :D

  5. Motivation,Motivation,Motivation…

    It Happens to me too.

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