“Stop Bitching” (Video: Anthony Robbins Interview with Frank Kern and John Reese)

Yesterday I started the “whine free week” contest. Today I watched a really motivating video (including part where Anthony Robbins says “stop bitching”).

Frank Kern and John Reese – the 2 other guys on that video – are internet marketers, but practically everything they say on that video can be applied to game development.

Here’s some pointers for success from that video:

  • The circle of success: Certainty (belief) -> Potential -> Action -> Results -> Certainty (belief)
  • This goes over and over – in good and bad. Rich get richer. Poor get poorer
  • (Much) is about your mindset – visualize to remove uncertainty
  • Get enough reason to follow through.

How to get to that peak state where things are good:

  • “Get around where things are better” (upgrade your environment so to speak)
  • Get around people who are hungry (for success, I think)
  • You might not need to “burn the bridges”, but you must have reason for “why it [your goal] is a must for you?”
  • Rituals define us
  • You need momentum: do something every day.
  • Do few minutes every day

Totally recommend checking this out:

(Thanks Leroy for the link that lets me embed this)

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. I was like “This exercise is B.S… but what the heck”.. – LOL I got a 75% increase for whatever reason.. didn’t try harder or anything.

    Anyway, love Frank’s and Anthony’s stuff.

  2. Tried this with one polish guy: no luck (maybe only a really minor increase, like 1 degree)

  3. I have to admit, I got a percentage increase as well :) The psychological / mental side of success & business is still very underestimated by many so this is a very useful assessment.

  4. 360 degrees? wouldn’t that make you an owl? or a contorsionist*? (*spelling may be incorrect)

  5. Those interested, the “armpointfinger” test is shown around 24:00 – 26:00

    (I got like 250-300 degrees turn, and then close to 360 degrees.)

  6. Wow, the exercise with turning your body with your arm and pointfinger stretched out really works. I tried it and got also like 50% more after imagining the full turn in mind.

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