Archive Games System

One of the Game Producer Insider members, Archive Games, has developed a tool for downloading & installing indie games – and wants more developers to participate.

Here’s some points from their website (with my thoughts alongside)

  • Accepts indie developers
  • Small installer & easy to use (I haven’t used the installer more than for some thing, so I don’t have opinion on easyness yet)
  • Easy E-Commerce: collects payments from users online and provides access after payment is received. Full purchase statistics are available to you via the back-end site. (sounds pretty cool)
  • Fine-grained Permissions: Want to launch a private beta before releasing to everyone? Archive Games has a powerful permissions system so you can specify who has access to your game. Use our iterative development features (below) to keep users on the same version. (again: sounds pretty cool)
  • Patching system (Easy updates, this was pretty interesting)
  • Over 4,000 registered users
  • Cross-Platform: Archive Games supports both Windows and Linux. (no Mac I see…)
  • It’s easy to get started – you can simply provide us your game files to distribute and we handle the rest. (sounds pretty straightforward)

If you got interested, check it out.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. First off, thank you very much Juuso for the mention on your excellent blog!

    DtD Software: Yes, that’s a good comparison. Both have client side software that manage downloads, helps users find more games they might be interested in, and makes it easy to keep games up-to-date. The mission behind each is pretty different though – Archive Games is specialized towards indie games, and also distributes free games as well.

    Psycho: Feel free to download it and let me know what you think. I hope you’ll see it’s not just marketing speak :)

    Sargon: Thanks! Indeed, hopefully we can get more people interested in it. We don’t want to compete with Steam or D2D or the other AAA distributors, but we hope people will find it useful and that we can provide a service that helps the Indie community.

  2. I installed their software. The concept looks promising.
    However, it all depends if they will be able to get more people using their service.
    I wish them luck.

  3. As long as it’s not only marketing-talk… sounds very good.

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