Juuso Hietalahti


  1. We used redmine for our new project, and so far it’s great. Highly customizable, handle several projects smoothly, free and open-source. A great outsider.

  2. I find it funny that this post has a shortened URL that ends in “AdHhD”. Seems a lot like ADHD.

  3. I have recently evaluated over 40 different web project management tools. My preferred are Liquid Planner and Comindowork. Both commercial, but none of the free (or open source) solution have come close to those is terms of features, speed, usability, etc.

    I was looking for systems which supported todo lists with traditional waterfall planning. Defined workflows were additional pluses. I also required nice dashboard and decent speed. Nothing could beat those two systems.

    I believe we will decide to use Comindwork because of more attractive price.

  4. Over at indiespring.com we use Unfuddle as our primary online collaboration tool. It’s similar to basecamp, but (I feel) a bit easier, and has a couple of nice features such as integration with SVN or GIT.

  5. Haven’t found simple enough for my needs. Currently I’m creating my own as thesis project.

  6. I’m working on a webservice with two friends.
    As soon as more then two people were working on the project I started to look for a project management tool, since it’s almost impossible to have regular meetings and coordinate the development otherwise.
    We ended up using TeamworkPM and I can highly recommend it. It’s simple to use and there’s a free version.

  7. Confluence works great for our company. At a friend’s company they also use JIRA, which integrates with Confluence.

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