Any Good Notepad Killers?

I want a simple editor. Simple editor that can handle multiple tabs. And can find & replace stuff. And has UTF-8 support. And possibly a possibility to change font. Maybe background color as well. It must not have anything extra. And must load fast.

Notepad is not good enough. Wordpad has too much buttons. Something in between?

What are you using for text editing?

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. After couple of weeks of happy testing, I must conclude that Notepad++ indeed is a great piece of work.

    Will continue using it. Thanks again everybody.

  2. I use Notepad++ and Programmer’s File Editor.

    Notepad++ is good for smaller files, like source code, and has customizable syntax color highlighting. Notepad++ still load bigger files much faster than Notepad, but not as fast as PFE.

    PFE can load insane big files very fast, so it’s better for looking at big log files, or some other big data files.

  3. Notepad++ seems to get tons of votes. I’ll give it a go. Thanks everybody. (I sure didn’t expect this many comments :D)

  4. I use Notepad++. It’s overkill of features but they are there if I ever need them. :)

  5. If you don’t need hex editing, Notepad++ is the answer. But for hex (without extra plugins) go for Ultraedit, it’s the best editor I’ve used. You can easily create syntax highlighting for your own file formats, switch easily between editing modes, has all the encodings you’ll ever need and you can hide all the toolbars, if you’re afraid of buttons ;P

  6. The only frequently used editors I haven’t seen mentioned yet are Notepad2 and TextPad

  7. I also use Notepad++ and definitely recommend it.

  8. Sublime Text is a great looking easy to use editor.

  9. Notepad++

    Loads quickly, tons of features, and has basic syntax highlighting for over 70 languages as well as plain text.

    Font and color changes are there but hidden under Preferences–>Style Configuration.

    You can encode UTF-8 under Format.

  10. If you want a more in-depth replacement, I also fully recommend Notepad++. Tabbed editing, lots and lots of tools, it’s one of the best.

    Now, if you just want something to cover for some of the faults on Windows Notepad but still be single window and instantly opened, go with Notepad2. As a webdesigner, I usually use Notepad++ for work, but I use Notepad2 as an actual replacement for Windows Notepad, making all text files open on it by default.

  11. Yep, try Notepad++. Been using it for a while both home and at work. Loads fast and has a ton of handy features.

  12. It totally doesn’t fit your bill in terms of buttons – it’s probably the Text Editor with the most buttons ever: UltraEdit.

    I’ve been using it for at least 8 years now. It’s the most feature-laden text editor you can think of. Yet it loads fast, has multiple tabs and the standards you’re looking for are easy to find and use.

    I think it can also change font, i never used that. You can definetely set the colors although deep inside the enormeous preferences dialogue. It supports all codepages and UTF formats and can even convert between any of these.

    PSPad is a good alternative, i once evaluated it but there were two reasons to stick with UltraEdit: all our tools were written with UltraEdit in mind, and PSPad did not have block editing. Block editing lets you select a rectangle of text, cut, copy & paste that and even allows you to write on multiple lines at once! To the best of my knowledge, UltraEdit is still the only editor that supports all this.

    But you’re looking for something simple … isn’t there a project called Notepad++ or something like that?

  13. For small tasks I recommend «Notepad2», if you want a serious TXT IDE — go check Sublime Editor.

  14. I’ve always been a big fan of Crimson Editor. It’s quick, it has tabs, it can find and replace and change fonts. Plus, it has slightly demented doggie for a logo.

    Sure, it can do other stuff (like undo and showing line numbers) but at 1.7MB with no installation required, it’s definitely worth a look.


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