6 thoughts on “GDC 2010 (And Why I’m Not There)

  1. David (Pathogen Studios formerly DtD Software)

    But Jusso, GDC specifically prohibits children from attending, so that wouldn’t work. (For 18 years anyway) =(

    “Due to safety concerns, no one under the age of 18 (including infants in strollers) will be permitted on the show floor at any time during the Game Developers Conference.”

  2. shadhex

    My excuse was that my wife was expecting. If I would have went, I would have missed my son’s birth by 1 day! No regrets :) Now the question is, will I be ok missing Birthdays in the future?

  3. Jake Birkett

    Saw the Indie awards, was cool. Also met an Indie who won A CAR in an Intel competition, plus they put him on the top floor in a really nice hotel (same one I was in but halfway down).

  4. Jake Birkett

    I’m at GDC and it rocks. BFG will make their money back if I only implement 5% of the ideas that I’ve generated whilst here. Also it’s great for networking of course.


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