Nobody Told Me Getting 2D Artist Would Be This Big Challenge

I have several ways to proceed, ranging from top-down view, to sidescroller to silhouette style to retro pixel graphics and different combinations of these. I thought drawing in this retro style (I really like that art) would get me potential artists sooner.

I guess I need to get a good list of art I want to get done and then keep hunting. (I have some artists with whom I’ve talked already and discussed different options)

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. I’d rather find recommended contacts & people through my own network. But thanks for the suggestion.

  2. I think there are a few websited geered up for art/design projects where you can place a project and have artists bid for the project e.g. 99designs.com?

  3. I don’t want a “get your share of revenue” artist in my team – I think that’s too expensive ;) I wanna pay.

    I’m actually so thinking of prerendered 3d stuff. It might be more in my field of knowledge. But we’ll see. I have several options to investigate.

  4. Getting a good 2D artist has been the trickiest thing I’ve come across while creating games. Finding one that’s reliable and cheap enough is even trickier!

    My suggestion when you find one is to comission a single piece of artwork and see how long it takes them to get a feel for their timescales/costs as well as the quality of their overall work.

    Also, I’ll never personally work with an artist who offers to do stuff for free. Someone was doing updated work for one of my games for no charge and then suddenly stopped replying to my emails before they were even half way through the workload. Unfortunately I had started to integrate their work into the project!

    Saying that I’m sure there are some very reliable chaps out there :)

  5. For a while, 2D artists were rare beasts, indeed. Most professionals only did 3D, and the 2D artists were chained to the desk at mobile phone companies. The last few monsters we added to Meridian 59 were basically screenshots of 3D models put into the game. (M59 uses sprites for monsters, etc.)

    Artists are also smarter than programmers; artists won’t often work for free on a smaller project. Whereas I’ve had a relatively easy time finding programmers who were eager to lend a hand.

    I suspect it’s maybe a bit easier to find a 2D artist today given how 2D indie games are coming back in fashion. And, outsourcing has gotten to the point where even a tiny web game can get some art for a few hundred dollars.

    Anyway, good luck, Juuso. :)

  6. I have practiced a bit in 2D arts, and made some unique icons for people already :)

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