So, Do You Use Twitter, RSS feed or What To Check Blogs?

What do you prefer to use for checking if my blog has new stuff?
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Feel free to throw a comment to specify your reply a bit if you want.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. Well, in it looks to me that my 1 year prediction about “twitter won’t replace rss” is looking very true.

    mikeful: “Twitter when it could be used to so much more.”
    such as…? :)

  2. Google reader, I couldn’t live without it. This site is one of many, many other sites, but one of a few I get excited when a new post is up.

  3. I mostly use RSS (through Google Reader), since it makes so easy to keep up with all the blogs I follow by categories. I have TweetDeck also, so sometimes I happen to see the update first on Twitter.

  4. RSS is the most practical way to follow several sites for me but there are feeds (like yours) that i open in a new window, to see the original post WITH comments… since there are great (and useful) comments from other developers (not available in the feed reader)

  5. I’ve been using Bloglines for RSS feeds for 5+ years, and I keep up with literally hundreds of feeds that way. I tried Google reader and couldn’t stand it. Came back to Bloglines after one day.

  6. Since I’ve installed TweetDeck I check out posts immediately when they appear on my Twitter column. Reading posts via RSS feeds is comfortable because all posts are gathered in one interface (Google Feed Reader in my case). Nevertheless, switching over to the feed reader became less (for me) these days.

  7. I have all RSS feeds in one folder in the bookmarks toolbar, so each day I open the folder, move the mouse slowly down and read the menus that pop to the right. If I see something interesting, I middle-click on it to open in another tab and continue searching. After that I start reading the articles. I’m not using twitter because it’s a complete mess. I’m following a bunch of people that post 20-30 posts a day so when I see “300 new posts” I get so lazy and ignore them…

  8. I like getting news from a combo of RSS, Twitter, and checking the website. Generally I just check the website for things like Hackaday, Gizmodo, Engadget, and Slashdot since they update so frequently I am better skimming them once or twice a day instead of reading everything. Stuff like your website I have RSS and Twitter although I usually notice Twitter first thanks to my desktop gadget. And then some news such as the stuff from @WindowsGamer I get purely from Twitter since he tweets about stuff all over the place.

    So basically, all of the above. (Although I choose RSS.)

  9. RSS is my choice. It’s really annoying when people just dump their content of RSS feed into Twitter when it could be used to so much more.

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