How Well Browser Games Work On Mobile (Smart) Phones?

I don’t own an iPhone nor any other fancy phone (I’m waiting N8), and I’ve never really used any smart phones. Lately, I’ve got more and more interested in getting a new fancy phone for reasons like video camera (I have that newcomer in the house now), hdmi stuff (to show those clips to everybody, easily) wireless system for email (I usually am at home anyway, and don’t always want to carry around laptop) and so on.

Almost forgot what I was trying to say.

So, the thing is that I’d like know if you can play browser based games on your smart phones. You guys who have iPhones and whatnots… can you tell how well they can handle browser based games? I know iPhone doesn’t support flash so they probably suck quite a bit in this area, but what about other browser based games? What kind of support they have? How well they can deal with Ajax and HTML5 and whatnot.

Please – let me know what your experiences have been.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. iPhone doesn’t support Flash so you can’t play a lot of webgames.
    Android phones support Flash, but it’s no use. Most of the games use a lot of memory so Farmville, Cafeworld, My Empire and other facebook games are not even loading or have a veeeeery low FPS.
    (iPhone has a FREE native Farmville application)
    Your only chance are HTML-only games like Mafia Wars…

  2. Nymb: heh, great reply ;)

    Thanks guys.

    Any html5 examples that work fine with iphone?

  3. iPhone doesn’t support flash, so there goes a large number of games on the ‘net. However a lot of them are making their way to iPhone anyway in the form of actual App Store games.

    The iPhone has fantastic support for HTML5 and Ajax. It runs on a version Webkit which is what powers the Safari and Google Chrome browsers. It’s a fully fledged browser.

    What doesn’t work so well is hover – because the iPhone is a touch device there is no way to ‘hover’ on an element. If a game includes hover as part of it’s core mechanic then you may have some difficulty. Thankfully this is rare.

  4. Basically you want to know if there is a phone u can buy that will let you play runescape right? Well the answer is no

  5. i do have a iphone and the online browser game work fine as long as there are not flash. Apple refuse to allow all flash on all of there devices like you said. But what i have seen most online brower games work just fin. but now the bigger market is iphone game apps

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