New year resolution

In the past, I’ve made some promises to do something. This year, I’m doing things bit differently.

Here’s list of some things I WON’T do in year 2011:
- no email on my main computer
- no twitter on my main computer
- no (too much) NHL11
- no more ad sales hunting (my games have generated ca-ching via ads, but that requires me to work)
- no distraction (thinking this in many ways)
- no “maybe later” emails. Just mainly Inbox or Archive
- no more new Insider members accepted (planning on closing gates in February), quite likely
- no several points of focus (insiders, ads, games): focus in making game, having fun, generating the green stuff
- no wockas if being parent requires time: kids grow so fast. Gotta treasure the time spent with the baby, and realize that gamedev time is also more precious than ever
- no too fast conclusions: I have (had) a habit of making conclusions quite fast. Will try take timeout on these
- no zombies

Just kidding on that last one. What would a world be without zombies?

So. In conclusion: This year is the year of elimination.

I bet it will be easy to keep these promises: I don’t even need to do anything.

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