Answering to a few questions about the indie press release system

I’m looking at a press service …

GamesPress makes it available to even more news outlets but for free and it is up to them to pick up on it or not,

GamesPress is fine. It’s also one (very important though) where gamerelease sends its message.

why choose your service where I myself have not even heard of half the sites it gets sent to?

You might be referring to the email list. The listed sites are picked from subscriber domains, which are sometimes blurry. For example, there are journalists who use gmail account as their main account. So, the news won’t reach gmail department, but guys who have those emails.

Also, there’s now the twitter “followers” list for @gamerelease which lists some more subscribers.

The more active subscribers there are the better.

Is there a guarantee they will pick it up? Cause as an indie the budget for this stuff is very small and you want max exposure for every cent


How good stories you can create is up to you, and that is also the key factor determining whether your news is going to be picked up. Alongside with timing and other factors. For example, I sent press release about my Dead Wake game which got its way to PC Gamer since these folks had just been preparing a special “zombie coverage” in their magazine. Timing was right, news was worthy of covering and it got in.

Had I sent it a month later (or if I had not have newsworthy zombie story to tell), I think chances of coverage would have been slimmer.

All email subscribers have working email address (receivers with bounced emails are deleted from the list). RSS subscribers I don’t have control over, and now there’s more new subscribers through the game release twitter account.

does it make sense as an iOS developer to press release to your sites?

My personal opinion is that platform is irrelevant, the story is what counts.

If you feel that putting couple of hundred (or something) to promote game feels much, then I really think you shouldn’t subscribe. If on the other hand you feel that investing the money can save some of your time from hunting down press members then it might be worth considering to join.

But like I said, I feel that the story is more important than the technology.

And then some links:

TERMS & CONDITIONS: Please notice that gamerelease PR system is meant for indies promoting their own games.

If you have any other questions, throw ’em here.

Juuso Hietalahti


  1. I’d recommend emailing them and give a link to the PR (since all gamerelease.net press releases are stored to public archives, see for example here: http://gamerelease.net/releases.view.php?pr_id=236 ), although you can still send PR to some places if you wish.

    There’s no PR writing aid included. I do provide some (paid) help on how to do better pr stories, but that still requires you to write your own releases.

  2. Hi. If I use gamerelease to promote my game, I still can send my own press release to some sites asking for reviews? Or it is not recommended because some sites would receive duplicated press from same game and treat this as spam?

    second question: As my english isn’t good enough (I’m non native english speaker), is there some help or service to co-write my press?

    thank you very much.

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