Unwiring brain

I’m getting my card game in a real good shape, and will be getting some juicy details later on – when I feel I’m ready to share those. Today, I’m sharing tiny lil design thing. I had a problem naming my decks and explaining what they do. Earlier I used words such as “threat” and “zombie”, and then “challenge” pile. I was trying to explain that you must overcome threat difficulty by using cards in your “challenge” pile. So, “threat difficulty” would be compared against “character’s challenge”.

At some point I renamed these to be simply:

Attack and Defense.

Now, zombie Attack is compared against character’s Defense.

And this blog post probably doesn’t do a good job in explaining how important this small change was… but for me, it was a big deal. It is much easier to explain that “these chaps here ATTACK against you and therefore you must put some effort on DEFENSE.” Attack and Defense are two counterparts, which our brain immediately understands. “Difficulty versus Challenge” really didn’t make any sense.

Good thing one of my testers was puzzled about this and helped me make the change.

Sometimes your brain just goes its own way. You give some shitty name to something (can be function, can be attribute) and six months later you realize that you really gotta do some refactoring.

Even in a physical card game design.

Juuso Hietalahti