“Juuso (whose name is really Juuso not Jusso) currently runs his own game development studio part-time and writes about game production in his blog. He firmly believes that 3rd person view fits better in video games than in bios.”

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You should question everything on this site and you should assume that I have no clue what I’m talking about.

Briefly put…
I’m a dad, game producer, web designer, writer, husband, reader, miniature painter, gamer, half full glass oriented, magician, student graduated, hopefully speaking ill of no man, part time worker, dog person, questioning authority now and then, really Juuso not Jusso, entrepreneur, a guy who produced a game in 21 hours, computer programmer, business oriented, hopefully more nice than important, indie, game developer among other things.

Really briefly put…
I’m an indie game studio owner: I opened the doors of Polycount Productions in the end of 2005. Besides running a game studio part-time, I do work to help get food for something else than thought.

Little bit of history (and sometimes future)

Finalizing Infected card game.

Created Thinglings card game.

This lil chap appeared (real men can wear pink stuff).

GTD is must-thing for every single parent in the world (for game development, it’s hardly necessary).

Year of the “get rid of junk”. Zero inbox since January. Started GTD stuff in November.

Still working on this.

Participated in Ludum Dare and succeeded in make 1 game, sell 1 copy (sold 16 so far, including some non-friends).

Released Dead Wake and wrote post mortem and post post mortem blog posts for it.

Announced my grandest project so far. It turned out to be wonderful:

Started working on this

Happening soon now! Next goal is to Finish Dead Wake.

Tested to order first business cards. Probably don’t need them just yet.

Post mortem here.

Ended Edoiki development. Launched Dead Wake production. Graduated and got master’s degree in economics (computer science, software business).

Insider count: 50ish and going up.

Did Highpiled box stacking game (in 21 hours). This piece of art (I’m really proud of this mini-game) is free but has actually generated pretty sweet $$$ in my pockets. Not huge enough to leave everything behind and go Bahamas for the rest of my life, but pretty good.

GameProducer.net sees 100,000 unique visits.

Co-produced Hightailed. Dealt with the design, art, programming, marketing and other areas in the production. (This game sold close to zero, but did pretty okay with ads.)

Co-produced Geom game handling several aspects in production and post production. I’ve helepdwith customer service, game design, level design, testing, interface design, website programming, marketing and promotion work among others – but I believe Tim still made most of the game. (This game is still selling on some portals, which is pretty nice).

Left Indiepath and founded my own company Polycount Productions.

Founding member of Indiepath Ltd. That was nice.

Spent much time outside university class rooms toying around with various gaming stuff.

Toyed around with Morphlings game. It started with “creatures that can morph and carry rocks around the island”, but never evolved more than that. It was cool though.

In 2001 I begun my university studies (Information science, software business, marketing as minor) and took my first steps in producing 3D games.

Threw away military pass.

Got (finally) away from the (mandatory) military service.

First hours spent on “coding” C64 “games”. It was awesome to spend 2 hours writing some example code from a book just to see it wasn’t working. Eventually some of them worked, and I even recorded some to cassettes. Those were times for 10 year old kid.

Summary of the stuff I’ve done

  • Polycount Productions – my game development company
  • Dead Wake – zombie survival game for PC.
  • Edoiki – multiplayer project that was canceled in Q4/2007.
  • Highpiled – a free box stacking game that was produced in about 21 hours (graphics, sounds, engine was outsourced and put together by me quite swiftly)
  • Hightailed (My first game where the music and visuals where done by 3rd parties and everything else from design to programming was pretty much done by me. Transformed to Freeware in the beginning of 2007. Memorable moment for me was when this game got reviewed in PC Zone.)
  • Online multiplayer games at CelticHill.com (My affiliate site with other developers.)
  • Geom Game was co-producing this game with Tim from Indiepath Ltd (who did most of the programming, me contributing with other ways)


  • GameProducer.net Insiders: Club for indie game producers, wannabes, serious and alike. Includes access to GameRelease.net press release distribution service.

Writings & Books:

  • GamaSutra article: Basic Marketing Plan for Indie Games
  • ‘Digitaalisten Pelien Maailmoja’ (book in Finnish) – article about indie game development
  • GameProducer.net, I’m the pretty much only author for this site and write all this stuff about (indie) game production (Guest articles that have appeared have clear author info on those articles).

I have been making games for fun and profit, and GameProducer.net site is about sharing my experiences, and hopefully you’ll find something useful. I’m always suggesting: take what you need, and leave the rest.

Site Credits

  • Platform: WordPress & check the footer in the site.
  • Pretty much everything else: Juuso