Christmas Contest: Suggest a Name For The Zombie Game – Win a Copy Of It

My zombie game project needs a name, and I thought to ask reader feedback for it. Naming a zombie game sounds like a great Christmas contest, so I’m giving zombie game copies as prizes (naturally the game must first be done before you can get your prize) for those who suggest the best names.

I believe word “dead” should be in the name, and even though there are zombies, I think I don’t want to see “zombie” in the name. In my mind, zombie has less “serious” meaning than for example “undead”.

The game has quite dark theme, and has quite realistic style (not cartoony anyway). Blood splatter will be in the game (like they’ve done in many games). The game events will take in a modern world (year is 200x something, no scifi stuff you know). The short video clip shows you the 1st person view that’s in the game, although the art in that clip is all placeholder art.

Here’s more recent screenshot. It’s quite dark though and zombies are still placeholders.

(Click here for a bigger image).

So far I’ve been pondering names such as the following:
- Waking Dead (although somebody said that was a movie – so it’s out of question :))
- Unlife (sounds bit like Half-life or Unreal…)
- Living Dead (most likely copyrighted anyway…)
- Undead [Something]
- Dead [Something]
- Deadly…
- Night…
- Unliving…

Basically I want the name to be short (max 2 words: The Undead would be fine suggestion, Night of the Undead Zombies would not be okay).

So, if you’d like to get your hands on the zombie game when it comes out – let’s hear some name suggestions. You may register and use the forums to suggest a name. The contest will end when… the name is picked – and winners will be emailed (make sure you provide proper email in the forums).

Tell Me a Game That Has Scared The (Poo) Out of You

Couple of days ago I was wondering whether to have 3rd or 1st person camera view in my game. Originally I planned to use 3rd person, since I still think my game is more of a tactical type of game – where pure shooting won’t save you. I tested also the 1st person mode, and noticed that while 1st person view can lose something in the tactical side (you cannot tell so well what objects are close to you), it sure adds more to the frightening side.

I was testing my zombie game just a moment ago, and I experienced something I haven’t experienced since Doom 2: I was so focussed on testing (and keeping the flock of zombies away) that I got scared by a freaking zombie that was jumping behind the door (on my right side). My heart was beating two times faster than normal for fraction of a second. I don’t know if the game will scare anybody else (or me again), but this small incident reinforced me about the fact that games can make people experience different feelings.

And from this short introduction we get to the next question: when was the last time some game event scared you?

Zombie Game Project Video Clip (#1)

Yesterday I promised to show you a short video clip. As mentioned in that post, I have got some things finished faster than I anticipated.

I’m actually going through my stories (that’s extreme term for “big task” or “objective” or “feature”) this weekend and new planning, since most of the tasks I planned for the next 2 weeks are finished.

Here’s a brief video that gives you little taste about the game… all art is placeholder art, so the style will somewhat change when I get to put proper stuff there.

More Engine Hunt And First Game Screenshot Revealed…

While I was digging deeper into how to deal collisions (thanks Jens & luis for your helpful comments), and was recommend to take a look at NeoAxis engine, which uses Ogre3D for rendering. I had checked it earlier, and there were couple of things that made me ignore it (one man doing the development, .NET overhead, no network support, not yet established community).

I decided to take another look into the engine and found out that network code is actually being planned to do in the upcoming releases. I pondered that it would take some time for me before I could touch the network code anyway, so perhaps NeoAxis could be a potential alternative for me after all. Thanks gameboy for mentioning it.

I played with it, and actually found out that my simple level demo (done with NeoAxis) actually has many elements that I was expecting to do in the upcoming weeks in Ogre. Here’s a shot that shows something about the new project (see also forums showcase).

Anyway – I managed to put together nice demo quite quickly and will spend some time checking out the tutorials and documentation. At the moment I feel good about the engine and will read the tutorials, documentation and put couple of things together – and see where that leads to me. Knowing how Ogre works (and how their .mesh, .skeleton and material formats work) is good, since NeoAxis – as mentioned – uses Ogre for rendering. Getting characters used in Ogre to my NeoAxis version was straightforward operation. Move from Ogre to Ogre+NeoAxis seems (at least right now) a pretty good idea to me. My careful estimation is that NeoAxis could speed up my production pace.

NeoAxis uses C# as the language – which is higher level language compared to C++, so there’s new learning ahead.

Now I’m reading more books, articles – and of course putting things together in the engine.