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Disclaimer: by purchasing you receive the $1 prototype that was done during a Ludum dare combo. It’s not a finished game, but has pretty nice dialogue – not worth a buck – but pretty fun to check anyway. The reason why this prototype costs $1 was that at back then 2010, the idea of the competition was to make game and sell at least one copy.

Not available to purchase any more

NOTICE: This game is provided AS IS. It reads a lot of game data from harddrive game folder (there’s crappy level loading code), making it spin. Fast. If your harddrive explodes or something, I won’t purchase a new drive to you. It was a LD proto, not finished product, so in fact I wouldn’t recommend playing it. Buy it though.

I’m participating in this Ludum dare “make game, sell 1 copy” contest that ends on October 2010. I’m making a sort of strategic game with dwarves and some zombie dwarves. Basically you need to plan your tactics and get rid of the zomb hordes. And watch some dwarf dialog. I started development around 22nd of October.

Here’s a view that will be familiar when playing the game: it’s the combat screen where you need to choose actions and decide which dwarf does what when facing enemies. It’s a tactical system and you need to balance the risk and make good decisions (and have a bit of luck) to survive. Here’s bit of info on how the gameplay works


This is a very quick video (taking into account that I’m a bit under a deadline here). In this video, the dwarves (7 of them) are in a cave, where they face zombie dwarves. I’m choosing actionsactions (move, attack etc) for the dwarves, which then get resolved.

(I warmly recommend the HD fullscreen version – the mini version looks bit too small)


The game features cool pixel art graphics, and tons of black areas (it’s so dark in the places where your dwarves will go), and it will work on a Windows PC machine. I’m using BlitzMax/BlidePlus to code, GIMP to draw, Notepad++ to draw dialog. Dwarf art inspiration comes from this Ironhand guy (I used his models to draw mine – with a permission of course).

Since the contest also requires *selling* a copy, and that’s where you need to step in.

Game orders costs only $1.00 (that’s USD) – cannot go wrong with that. Remember, it’s Windows PC right now. Now you can buy the game via that buy button. You will receive an email with the link where you can get your copy. No DRM, naturally, so you don’t need to hassle with registration keys or anything like that.

Order, just $1
Proceed to order not available any more (you get download link emailed to you after purchase).

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